No Name Degree Designation Subjects
1 Prof. (Dr.) K A SIMON B.Sc(Engg), MBA, MS(WMU-Sweden), Ph.D, C.Eng, F.I.E, F.I.Mar.E, FICA, M.E.O Class I(Motor) Steam Endorsement, Extra First Class Marine Engineer Director Safe Watch keeping, IMO and International Conventions
2 Prof. N G NAIR B.Sc(Engg), M.I.Mar.E, M.E.O Class I(Motor) Course In-Charge Marine Auxiliary Machinery, Gas Turbines
3 Prof. (Dr.) SASIKUMAR P V B.Sc(Engg), PGDSM, L.L.B, M.L, M.Phil, Ph.D, C.Eng, F.I.Mar.E, F.I.V, F.I.E, F.I.C.A, F.NMIS, M.E.O Class I(Motor) Professor & Course Coordinator (MTech Programme) Refrigeration, Marine Boilers& Steam engg., Ship fire Prevention & Control and Marine Statutory Regulations
4 Prof. ROY V PAUL B.Tech(Mechanical), M.Tech(Thermal Sciences) Associate Professor & Course Coordinator (BTech Programme) Thermodynamics, Machine Drawing, Applied Mechanics
5 Mr.JIS GEORGE B.Tech(Mechanical), M.Tech(Marine),M.E.O class I C.O.C Associate Professor Marine Internal Combustion Engine, Marine Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Marine Diesel Engine Design and Performance
6 Mr. VENUGOPAL R B.Tech(Mechanical), M.Tech(Marine), MBA(HR), M.I.Mar.E, M.E.O Class I (Motor), Associate Professor Marine Auxiliary Machinery,  Marine Diesel Engine Design and Performance
7 Mr. VIDYADHARAN K B.Sc(Engg), M.Tech(Ocean Engineering) Assistant Professor Production Technology Hydraulic Machinery Naval Architecture
8 Mrs. NISHA RANI B.Tech(EEE), M.Tech(Power Electronics) Assistant Professor Electrical Technology
9 Mrs. MAGE REENA VARGHESE B.Tech(EEE), Master of Engineering(Control & Instrumentation) Assistant Professor Power Systems, Control Systems, Instrumentation, Electrical Measurements
10 Miss. CHINCHU VARGHESE B.Tech(Applied Electronics & Instrumentation), M.Tech(VLSI & Embedded System Design) Assistant Professor Electronic Devices & Circuits, Electronic Measurements & Instrumentation
11 Mr. ANOOP MATHEW KURIAN B.Tech(Mechanical), M.Tech(Energy Management) Assistant Professor Mechanics of Solids, Steam Engineering
12 Mr. AJIN C SAJEEVAN B.Tech(Mechanical), M.Tech(Nanotechnology) Assistant Professor Dynamics of Machinery, Marine Diesel Engines
13 Mr. M P JOHN B.Sc(Engg), MS(WMU-Sweden) Visiting Faculty ISM CODE, ISPS CODE
14 Prof. A N SUKESAN M.Sc(Physics) Visiting Faculty Engineering Physics
15 Prof. RAMAN MENON M.Sc(Chemistry) Visiting Faculty Chemistry
16 Mr. KRISHNANKUTTY B.Sc(Engg), F.I. Mar.E, M.E.O Class I(Steam & Motor) Visiting Faculty Marine Machinery System Design
17 Mrs. SERENE P.TOM M.Sc(Mathematics) Visiting Faculty Engineering Mathematics
18 Capt. RENJITH F G Master Mariner Visiting Faculty Ship Operation and Management
19 Capt. VINOD KUMAR B.Sc, Master F G Visiting Faculty Seaman Ship and Navigation
20 Mrs. SONIA THOMAS M.Sc(Mathematics), B.Ed Visiting Faculty Engineering Mathematics
21 Mrs. SHALINI SANIL B.Tech(Electrical and Electronics), CCNA Visiting Faculty Computer Fundamentals
22 Mrs. RADHA LAKSHMY S A M.A(English), B.Ed Visiting Faculty Technical Communication, Language Laboratory
23 Miss. RAKHEE G R M.Sc, B.Ed Mathematics Visiting Faculty Engineering Mathematics
24 Mrs. BETSY KURIAN M.A, M. Phil in Economics Visiting Faculty Environmental Studies and Technical Communication
25 Mr. P.M.SUKUMARAN B.Tech(Mechanical), B.Tech(Naval Architecture), Advance Diploma in Management(ADIM) Visiting Faculty Naval Architecture
26 Mr. REGHUNADHAN CHETTIAR B.Sc.Engg(Mechanical) Visiting Faculty Engineering Drawing
27 Dr. ASHA MARY JOHN B.Sc(Physics), M.Sc(Materials science), Ph.D in Material Science Visiting Faculty Engineering Physics
28 Mr. A K THILAKAN B.Sc.Engg(Mechanical), M.I.E, M.E.O Class II(Motor) Workshop Superintendent Afloat Training
29 Mr. P V BANERJEE Diploma in Electrical Engineering Technical Assistant-Grade III Afloat Training
30 Mr. GEORGE ANDERSON Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technical Assistant-Grade III Afloat Training