B.Tech Degree in Marine Engineering:

•    The curriculum requirements of B.Tech degree shall consist of a period of 4 academic years as prescribed in the curriculum.
•    The first two semesters will be combined together as first year, and the remaining three years shall be split into 6 semesters.
•    Examination will be conducted at the end of the year / semester in subjects prescribed in the respective scheme of examinations.
•    Out of the 8 semester, the 7th semester shall be allotted for Ship-in Campus Lab and assessment of same is done separately.
•    The teaching programmes for each semester shall consist of 17 weeks and that for the first year will consist of 34 weeks.

Number of seats for the course is 80.

Eligibility for the degree :
•    No candidate shall be eligible for the B.Tech degree unless he has undergone the prescribed course of study for a period of 4 academic years in the university and has passed the prescribed examinations in all the semesters.
•    The candidates shall complete all requirements for the degree within a period of 6 academic years from the date of admission to the first year.

Subjects of study & Scheme of Examinations:
•    B. Tech degree course will be offered in Marine Engineering discipline.
•    The subjects of study and scheme of examination of the discipline are given separately.
•    All semester Examinations are conducted by the University.
•    The duration of all University Examinations in theory and practical shall be of 3 hours.
•    Those students who have secured not less than 60% percentage of the aggregates of the total marks of all the eight semesters shall be declared to have passed the B.Tech degree examination in first class.
•    All other successful students shall be declared to have passed the B.Tech degree in second class.
•    Ranking among the candidates will be limited to those who have passed all the examinations in the first available chance and have secured at least first class.
•    Candidates can be permitted to cancel examination in a particular subject of any semester provided he/she applies for cancellation of the examination through the Director within 10 days to the Controller of Examinations. This will not be considered as a chance. But such candidates who have cancelled an examination will not be considered for ranking.

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M.Tech Degree in Marine Engineering:

The M. Tech course in Marine Engineering is a four semester programme with a total duration of two calendar years; where in the first two semesters will include lecturers, laboratory work/work shops and seminar. The student will devote the third and fourth semesters on a project work related to a relevant area of the specialization either in the Department or in an industrial / research / academic institution outside the university. The students also have to do an internship in ship yard/ / ship design office for a period of one month after the completion of second semester.

Number of seats for the course is 18.

Academic Qualifications:
Candidates for admission to the M.Tech degree course shall be required to possess the following qualifications:
•    Shall have passed B.Tech/B.E/B.S degree in Marine Engineering OR B.Tech/B.Sc(Engg.) degree in Mechanical Engineering OR B.Tech degree in Naval Architecture & Ship Building with a minimum of 60% marks or an examination of any other University/Institution accepted by this University as equivalent thereto with 60% marks.

Professional Experience:
Preference will be given to those who have passed M.E.O Class IV examination or a minimum of 2 years professional experience in ship building/ship repair yard/ship design office/Indian navy.

Admission Procedure:
Admissions for the Mech. Engineering graduates is based on the GATE score. In case of non availability of Gate score students seats will be filled up by conducting DAT (Department Admission Test). For Graduates of Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture & Ship building, as there is no Gate examination presently, admission will be based on DAT.

Admissions will be based on the rank list prepared by giving due weightage to qualifying degree marks (50%), admission test conducted by the Department(40%), and number of years experience after obtaining the degree.(Weightage is at the rate of 1% per year of experience subject to a maximum of 10%. In the case of marine Engineers possessing M.E.O Class II certificate of competency 5% weightage and for those possessing M.E.O Class I certificate 10% weightage).

Note: Passing the M.Tech degree in Marine Engineering without passing the DG approved pre-sea training will not make any student eligible for serving onboard  merchant ships.

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Engine Room Simulator Courses:

DG Shipping Approved Engine Room Simulator Courses at operational and management level are conducted. Students may contact the Course in-charge/Course co-ordinator for booking their seats.