The Ship-In-Campus Lab of KMSME is a very high tech lab. The entire machinery and equipments of a ship including propeller, steering machinery and rudder etc. are taken out and installed inside a concrete hull as per the instructions of DG Shipping, under the guidance of a  senior consultant from IIT, Kharagpur. The same were tried out satisfactorily and got approved by the Directorate General of Shipping, Mumbai. The training given inside this lab enables the students not only to get fully familiarized with the actual working of the engine room machinery and equipments of a ship but also get hands on experience on them. By the time a student completes six months training, under the guidance of a certified senior marine engineer, in this ship, he is confident of carrying out all the watch keeping duties and maintenance jobs he is supposed to do onboard a ship. Further, he also learns all the safety and emergency procedures to be followed onboard a ship including fire fighting etc.