Vision and Mission


Our vision is to develop Kunjali Marakkar School of Marine Engineering in to a sustainable Centre of Excellence in Maritime studies & research which provides a progressive environment for education, training and research that aligns with the global standards of maritime industry and moulding future Mariners.

Our mission is
(i) To provide quality education and training to mould competent marine engineers to cater to the technological needs of this unique profession.
(ii) To maintain high standards of social, ethical, environmental values and technological know-how in the maritime field along with managerial and leadership skills.
(iii) To provide state of the art facilities for teaching and learning in the field of Marine Engineering, and to encourage innovative ideas and research which will help the inclusive development of shipping industry for the well being of mankind.
(iv)To equip the cadets to adapt to the technological advancement and challenges in shipping industry in line with the ever growing demands, needs and expectations of the stakeholders.